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Astrophotography Nightscape Classes

To enroll in a class please select the location you wish to participate in, these classes are very limited to size and how often they are run due to my busy schedule with Nikon MySchool, however I will try to run these classes as often as I can.

Click Here For Pricing - Lake Bonney
Click Here For Pricing - Yorke Peninsula

Interested in learning how to photograph nightscapes?

You will walk away with the knowledge of...

Exposing for the stars and reading your histogram
Manually focusing at night
Differences between modified and unmodified DSLR's for astrophotography
Camera noise
Camera settings
A better understanding on lenses and how the effect our images
Equipment to use
How to shoot large panoramas
Apps to help plan a night out.

What you will need to bring

Wide angle lens (focal lengths from 14mm - 50mm)
Dress according to weather conditions