Lake Tyrell

Ultimate Astro WOrkshops

Lake Tyrell - Ultimate Astrophotography

Come join Steven Morris (award winning astrophotographer) and Daniel Gangur (Owner of Photo Gear Pro and Nightscape Photographers Australia) for the ultimate astrophotography workshop.

3 Nights and 4 days of photography heaven!


Deep Space

Portable Tracking Mounts

Post Processing

Not only will we be shooting astro... as long as it's clear, we will also shoot some landscapes as well! 

Please note we do our best to plan and pick locations that will give us the best chances of clear skies with stunning scenery to photograph however sometimes the weather isn't always our friend. The tour will still go ahead.

What to Bring

- Camera

- Wide Angle Lens & Telephoto

- Spare Batteries

- Tripod

-Memory Cards

-Laptop for photo editing if you have one 

What's Not Included

- Meals

- Accomodation

- Transport to and from location

(Transport will be included to locations to photograph at)