Nightscape Workshops

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Have you ever wished you could photograph the night sky... Well now you can with Steven's 1 on 1 workshops at various locations around South Australia. Steven believes being out in the field will provide a better understanding and experience than learning in a classroom environment.

What can I expect to learn?

During Steven's 1 on 1 workshops we will cover topics such as......

- Exposing for the night sky
- How to focus at night
- Learn how to read the histogram
- Understanding ISO
- Understanding lenses and how to pick the right lens for astrophotography
- Apps to help assist with planning a shoot

Advanced forms of astrophotography
- Shooting Panoramics
- The benefits of stacking
(Optional use of a portable tracking mount)

You will then learn how to process your images taken using Photoshop or Lightroom.

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Semaphore (Beginners)

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BURRA - Midnight Oil House

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Petrel Cove

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Big Bend (Riverland)

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Lake Bonney

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Flinders Rangers

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