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Lost In Time

Photography by Steven Morris

Lost In Time


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Steven Morris Signature Series range

All prints in the Signature Series range are limited, each print is personally signed by Steven.

Not only are these prints limited and signed, they are also printed on some of the highest quality Hahnemühle Fine Art paper.
Each Signature Series print comes with a certificate of authenticity which includes a deckled edged mould made paper with watermark, UV - Security Fibres, Hologram system with unique serial numbers which is registered on the 
Hahnemühle fine art database.

Steven Morris Signature Series editions don't end there. Once a print is completed it is then left to dry for 24 hours, it is then inspected and signed by Steven (prints should never be placed behind glass straight away as they need time for all the gases from the ink to dissipate from the printing procedure, not many people know this). After being inspected and signed it is then coated to seal and protect against UV light so your print won't fade for decades. 

Only 50 limited edition prints available worldwide


    Framing Through Our Workshop
    If you choose to have the piece framed through us please fill out the form below for a quote regarding the many styles we can offer.

    We highly recommend you do it through us. The glass we use has a UV coating on it as well as a less than 1% reflection ratio meaning prints stand out and look like they aren't behind any glass at all. 

    Frame Quote Form

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