Haida 150 x 150mm NanoPro MC ND 0.6 Filter (2 Stops)

Steven Morris Photography

Haida made of optical glass, these filters  provide a neutral performance that leaves no color cast and preserves image sharpness. Applied on both sides are several layers of coating which help reduce ghosting and reflections. The coating also makes the surface resistant to scratches and repels water, making it easier to clean when using the filter in inclement conditions.

  • Solid 0.6 neutral density filter, with a 4x filter factor that reduces exposure by 2 stops
  • Allows for reduced shutter speeds and wider apertures
  • For use with compatible square filter holders that accept a thickness of 2mm
  • Optical glass construction, designed to avoid color casts and preserve sharpness
  • Multi-coated to prevent reflections, repel water, and increase resistance to scratches

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