Haida 150 x 170mm PRO II Hard-Edge Reverse-Graduated Neutral Density 0.15 to 0.6 Filter (0.5 to 2-Stop)

Steven Morris Photography

Haida PRO II reverse-graduated neutral density is constructed from optical glass for clarity as well as color fidelity and measures 2.0mm thick. To prevent internal ghosting and reflections, each glass surface includes eight layers of multi-coating. These coatings also offer greater protection to the filter substrate and help it to stay clean for longer than with uncoated filters. A padded case is also included with the filter.

  • Compatible with a Haida 150 Filter Holder
  • Effectively darkens bright skies, specifically during a sunrise or sunset, while allowing for a normal, unaffected exposure in the other regions of the image
  • 2-stop band of density that tapers to a 0.5-stop density at the edge above it while directly above a clear area creates a neutral density pattern that matches the positioning of the sun when it is at, or immediately above the horizon
  • 2-stop band of density extends approximately 15mm in both vertical directions
  • Density pattern corresponds to the brightness pattern of the sun when it appears at or is closer to the horizon as opposed to a higher angle, which creates an increase in brightness that is more prominent on both sides of the sun than above it
  • Hard-edged line of transition between the 2-stop band of density and the clear area below it is useful for hard transitions between the sky and land
  • 2-stop to 0.5-stop gradation with soft-edged line of transition is applicable to multiple regions of brightness within the sky
  • Filter does not affect the overall coloration of the image
  • Multi-coated to prevent internal ghosting and reflections
  • Constructed from optical glass for clarity
  • Padded filter case for storage and transport

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