Haida Clear Night Filter 100mm x 100mm

  • Compatible with filter holders that can accommodate 2mm-thick, 100 x 100mm rectangular filters such as the Haida 100 Filter Holder or Haida 100-Pro Filter Holder
  • Reduces the appearance of light pollution in video or images that include the night sky and illumination from artificial light sources
  • For cameras with daylight film installed, or a digital camera system with its daylight white balance setting selected
  • Absorbs the yellow light from sodium-vapor lamps, a common light source within urban areas
  • Enhances the visibility of astronomical objects, and where they appear, artificial light sources are more clearly defined with less glare and improved contrast
  • 1.25x filter factor reduces exposure by 0.3 stops
  • Constructed from optical glass for clarity
  • Padded filter case for storage and transport

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