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Haida Clear Night Filter

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So it's the month of December, while Santa is busy with his final preparations for Christmas... I received a early Christmas present of my own thanks to Haida Filters, the Clear Night light pollution filter. 

For those who have never heard of light pollution filters before, what they do is reduce / cut out the light wavelength associated with city lights... well that's it in a basic explanation.

So what benefits can the Haida Clear Night light pollution filters have on your photographs? 

They can most certainly reduce the amount of glow from bright objects, which in turn increase contrast and detail. The photo below was taken in a light pollution zone (some people may recognize this location as it's where we go for out Nikon astro workshops), as you can see the lights from the jetty have a better look about them. When you start to look at the even brighter lights to the right of the images you can see with the Haida Clear Night filter they aren't as bright as well as enhancing detail and contrast.

Even the yellow colour cast in the sand thanks to the glow of street lamps has been taken out and your left with a much more natural look. 

Now I have only had the chance to take this filter out once, there are a couple of locations I know of where the skies are nice and dark, however in the distance there is a large dome of light pollution on the horizon... judging by these results I bet there will be a big reduction in the yellow glow on the horizon which will add to the contrast of my image. 

Another area where I think the Haida Clear Night light pollution filter will benefit is cityscapes. If your a fan of taking images around a city at night, this filter is going to cut all that yellow colour cast and enhance the image and colour.

From this small test I did a couple of weeks ago, I'm excited to see what else the Haida Clear Night filter can do.

Just so your wondering, I haven't done any processing to these images. Stay tuned for more blogs about these filters :) 

These filters can be purchased through me if your interested in one for yourself. I wouldn't sell or use products if I weren't happy with them however the images I have been producing with Haida products... Well I highly recommend them, I've actually sold off all my NISI filters because I'm a big fan of Haida!


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