About Steven Morris

Steven purchased his first camera in 2014, a Nikon D5100. It was with this camera he captured his first deep space photograph of the Trifid Nebula, when that photograph showed on the back of the camera Steven was instantly hooked and became obsessed with astrophotography. 
It wasn't long after Nikon released their first ever astrophotography camera the D810a. It was with this timing and Steven taking deep space images with a Nikon camera that lead to him forming a relationship with Nikon Australia.

In 2017 Steven became a Nikon School instructor passing on his passion for nightscape photography to all those that have participated in his classes throughout South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. 
During this time Steven was approached by Haida Filters and became an ambassador for the brand. 
Steven decided to branch out from his astrophotography ways and included landscape photography into his passion. 

In 2018 Steven won 11 International Awards and sold some of his work in America and England as well as Australia.
Steven also began his own YouTube channel of his adventures however this is something very new to him still and much prefers to be behind the camera than in front.

2019 - Steven has been travelling to locations in Australia as well as Scotland and Ireland where he met Irish landscape and astrophotographer Graham Daly. 2019 also saw the introduction of his first photography weekend getaway.

"Reach Out" won the 2019 David Malin Astrophotography awards category: Nightscape.