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About Me

I first took an interest in photography the day I connected a Nikon camera to my Celestron telescope, Nexstar 6SE. The moment I took my first nebula photograph (Trifid Nebula) and viewed the back of my camera screen it was then fair to say I got hooked. 

Astrophotography I believe is one of the hardest forms of photography, especially deep space and from the steep learning curve I believe I started to look into the fine details in what makes a great astro photo.

It wasn't long after I attempted nightscape photography and over the years I implemented the techniques I had learnt from my deep space imaging to my nightscape photography.

Astro photography turned into landscape photography. I would find myself travelling to dark locations away from towns and cities, setting up during daylight hours I would wait for the sky to go dark, during this time I photographed the setting of the sun. This is how my passion for landscape photography came about.

Photography your always learning, sure you will become more familiar as to what to do during certain compositions, filters and settings but you are always learning and it will never stop.

Now I run workshops in partnership with Nikon, passing on my knowledge to those who wish to learn and image the night sky.