About Me

I first took an interest in photography the day I connected a Nikon camera to my Celestron telescope, Nexstar 6SE. The moment I took my first nebula photograph (Trifid Nebula) and viewed the back of my camera screen it was then fair to say I got hooked. 

It wasn't long after imaging deep space objects that I attempted nightscape photography and over the years I implemented the techniques I had learnt from my deep space imaging to my nightscape photography.

Astro photography turned into landscape photography. I would find myself travelling to dark locations away from towns and cities, setting up during daylight hours I would wait for the sky to go dark, during this time I photographed the setting of the sun. This is how my passion for landscape photography came about.

Now I run workshops in partnership with Nikon, passing on my knowledge to those who wish to learn and image the night sky.

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