Shooting with the Celestron RASA has it's challenges so at times there can be a love hate relationship with the astrograph. Some of those challenges are cable management and calibration frames etc. I hope that over time I can add various designs for you to 3D print yourself.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see implemented I will do my best to add them to the design.

Thank You for your support.... Happy RASA Photon Catching!

Access Files

Access these files to print your own 3D mask by becoming a YouTube Channel Member. All downloads are password protected, once you have become a member you will be given the password to download the file you want.

If you would like to purchase the file to mass produce and sell these yourself then please contact me for rights as these are for personal use only.


This ring has 10mm veins and suited towards larger diameter cables. Cable holding tabs are slightly larger and thicker also.The inner ring has a diameter of 85mm more suited towards smaller chip sized cameras like the ZWO 294MC PRO as the casing is slightly smaller.

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Original Small Veins

This design is the same as the original apart from the smaller veins which are 6mm in size compared to the 10mm size of the original, suited for those with thinner cables. Again this is suited to smaller chip cameras as the inner ring has an 85mm diameter.

Future Projects and Designs

I'm currently working on another version of the mask to cater for larger sensor cameras and those that own filter holders.

Dark frame cap

Mask to produce round stars for cable management.